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    Medical Translator from English to French

    Accurate Translations Lead to More Business




About me

In my office based in Provence,I offer

Medical Document Translation Services.

My language pair is English-French.

I work fast,at a rythm of 700 words per hour.

I am proud of every project I create.

Welcome to my Web site !







Alexander PRESSMAN |  CEO of Waikaitu LTD,New Zealand  

"Sabine is one of the best professional translators I have ever seen.

In my previous business Uniscape, which I founded and which was

based in Sunnyvale CA we employed more than fifty translators full

time in the field of software localization. So I know what I am talking

about, Sabine is very thorough, accurate and a perfectionist. She is

also amazingly fast. She was able to translate our entire web site with

no input from my team. She took upon herself to purchase and learn the

Wordpress software and not only translated 17,500 words of the web site

she replicated all layout, font themes and photos with captioning perfectly.

She also transcripted a 30 minute third party video.

She is truly one of a kind. I couldn't recommend her more highly."


 Pierre FAURE | French Teacher

 "Concernant la traduction médicale d'anglais en français,

J'affirme,au vu de ses traductions médicales,notamment celle du livre du

Docteur MERCOLA:"The No-Grain Diet" ,dont j'ai révisé la traduction

qu'elle est parfaitement apte à réaliser ce travail."


 Henri CHEN | General Manager of Kamerycah Inc , California

"To whom it may concern: My name is Henri Chen, General Manager of

Kamerycah Inc., a food and supplement company with 40 years in Japan and

12 years in US. As an international company with branches in 8 countries, we

pride ourselves on working with  the best contractor with an absolute necessity of

professionalism.Sabine Mademoiselle Faure has the important skills of dominance

of English and French language and has done quality

works. She perfectly translated our industrial booklets and documents from English

to French. Moreover, she offers market insights and her professional experience for our

business development. Even though I do not know Ms. Faure beyond the professional

business relationship that we have, I  feel very comfortable recommending her for any

projects she may contribute in the future because Ibelieve that she has the education,

desire to learn more, and the passion to succeed.

If  you have any questions, please email me at"


Stephanie SENEFF | Senior Research Scientist | MIT Computer Science


and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory . She said:


''Thank you so much! I really appreciate the time you took to translate the video


and put the transcript up on the screen.


You do a great service to humankind!


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